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Product workshops - what are they and why should they be conducted?

Product design is a complex process, which consists of a number of important elements that affect the final result. One of them is making first arrangements with the client, which is the foundation for taking further implementation actions. The starting point of the process is managing their expectations and the initial vision of the application, system or other IT solution that they have. Product development workshops are a very helpful method, facilitating a smooth transition through the first stages, centered around an in-depth analysis of the concept. They reduce risks, prepare a precise plan, as well as to set priorities and confront the idea with real feasibility. They serve to establish fruitful cooperation, based on mutual understanding.

Product workshops - what are their characteristics?

Product workshops, also known as discovery workshops, involve a series of activities aimed at determining and systematizing the client's requirements. They enable a better understanding of the product, but also help to define specific business objectives. They usually take the form of a meeting, during which the goal is to gather as much information as possible, to determine the scope of the project and outline its general shape.

These workshops allow you to anticipate key challenges that may arise during the product development phase. They provide an opportunity for both parties to eliminate any conceptual inaccuracies that could disrupt implementation. Their main goal is to jointly develop a coherent strategy, setting the course of action during the production phase.

It is worth noting that the role of the contractor can be twofold - it all depends on the client, his level of preparation and knowledge of his product. In the case of a very general vision, the target task of the software supplier during the discovery workshop is to create a system concept that solves the problem identified earlier. However, usually the Client already has a certain design framework defined, on the basis of which discovery is started.

Product workshops are conducted according to the specific methodology of a given company, so their program may vary. In the case of IT projects, it is extremely important to establish with the client all the technical details of the cooperation, in order to be able to later hand over a fully finished product which meets their requirements.

Benefits of implementing product workshops

The main advantage of the workshop method is the ability to thoroughly verify the idea, even before the implementation work begins. Any analysis, made in the preliminary phase, is primarily for the benefit of clients who want to be sure that their products are justified from a business point of view. Thanks to the discovery workshop you can:

  • better understand the product and get to know its audience,
  • analyze in-depth the processes occurring in a given company and, on this basis, accurately select the most necessary functionalities,
  • present the planned results even before implementation,
  • reduce the risk and uncertainty of the project,
  • establish priorities and an action plan,
  • estimate the time consumption and budget of the project.

After a successful workshop, it is necessary to collect and systematize all the information and materials. The result should be a pre-developed product specification, containing the most important design information and key conclusions, which will be a milestone for product developers.


An application, even a very good one, without an effective development strategy, has little chance of success. That's why it’s worth holding development product workshops to prepare a solid foundation for further activities - before we move to the implementation stage. Thanks to them, it is possible not only to achieve a coherent vision, but also to create a product that meets the various expectations of users.