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User interface design
UX and UI - what is it and what are the differences?

User Experience and User Interface are two concepts that mainly appear in the context of web or mobile application design. Although they are completely different, they often result from each other - without a well-designed UI there is no way to create a usable UX, and vice versa. In order for the solution to bring the expected results, both processes should be coordinated with each other.

User Experience - functionality and usability

UX is understood as the process of increasing user satisfaction with the product. This happens by improving its accessibility and functionality, as well as the overall user experience. UX design focuses on the needs of those using a website or application - so it must be clear and intuitive. How a product is perceived by the user is also important. User Experience Design aims to make the use of a given service, system or application more convenient and practical.

In view of this, a UX Designer is a person who deals with designing the user experience, that is, how the user will use the product. His job is to ensure that a website or application is well perceived by the audience and easy to use. Using analytical tools and practice, he studies user expectations and feedback. He then translates these into product interactions and new features, so that he can best respond to any needs. However, the UX Designer is not only concerned with understanding the actions of those using the product. He should also have knowledge in IT, graphic design and marketing. Thus, this is a job that combines many different functions needed to ultimately create a good design. In addition, the UX Designer prepares mock-ups and prototypes of the design, and then performs tests on the target audience.

Once a product is implemented, he analyzes the results so that he can improve it on an ongoing basis and manage customers' feedback about the product. This entire process should be consulted with the Product Manager, as well as any person with influence on the development of a given project.

User Interface - appearance and aesthetics

UI Design is the graphic design of the interfaces and visual layer of what will ultimately be on the website or application. The goal of such work is to create aesthetically pleasing graphical layout that will improve the performance of the user's interaction with the application or system. The UI Designer is in charge of translating the prototypes prepared by the UX Designer into the final graphic form. The two should stay in contact so that the designed elements fit perfectly into the client's vision. The idea is to have a look and feel that has a distinctive style and distinguishes the brand from others. User Interface Designer is responsible for the colors, the choice of photos or graphics and the appearance of all functional elements, which in the end should form a single, coherent whole. In addition, the final design must match the expectations of the target group. This means that the product has to meet all the needs of users, and thus - encourage them to use it. The UI Designer is assumed to have knowledge not only of the design itself, but also to have an idea of layout composition, typography and even color psychology. A well-designed interface must emphasize the UX goals of the product, thus making the use of the application or website fully intuitive for the user.

Why is the combination of UX and UI so important?

The concepts of User Experience and User Interface are similar, but there are significant differences between them. First of all, UI is part of the whole big UX process. It is the UX Designer who deals with talking to the target audience, researching user needs, creating prototypes and performing tests. The UI Designer, on the other hand, is responsible for creating the appearance of the interface, allowing for easy and convenient user-product interaction. It’s paramount that the two designers work together - their cooperation facilitates the creation of the great final design, as any changes are consulted on an ongoing basis and inaccuracies can be quickly corrected. Such action allows one to launch a product that will be both useful and well-designed graphically, but most importantly - tailored to the real needs of users. At OnlineIdea, we are well aware that properly organized work of UX and UI Designers is crucial in the process of product development - just preparing a good design is not enough. Cooperation between the two departments allows us to introduce useful solutions that will be able to respond to customers' requirements.

Conclusion and summary

UX and UI design is crucial for a product or service to gain recognition in the eyes of customers and users. Thanks to the work of those who design the User Experience, it is possible to precisely match the product to the needs of the target group, while those who design User Interface will take care of its overall aesthetics. On the basis of close cooperation between UX and UI (which naturally also involves Programmers and Project Managers), a product can be created that makes life easier for the end user - and on a global scale, even for entire institutions or regions.