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10 reasons to choose tailor-made software

Gaining a competitive edge through software is now a development standard in almost every company. It is essential to integrate new digital technologies into various processes to meet the ever-changing needs of the market. Doing things faster and more efficiently reduces costs, which is a natural source of profit generation.

Today you can find plenty of off-the-shelf products designed to perform a variety of tasks, nevertheless it is often the case that so-called boxed software does not meet the very specific requirements of businesses. Its customization usually involves considerable costs or in some cases completely impossible. Implementing customized solutions, although usually more expensive, provides many benefits, including, for example, better automation, greater employee involvement and faster delivery of value to the company.

What is dedicated software?

Dedicated software is a bespoke IT system, meaning that it is custom-designed according to the personalized expectations of a given entity. Custom solutions provide the ability to tailor functionality to specific needs and provide almost unlimited expansion options. Additional modules and upgrades can be introduced throughout the product lifecycle to adapt to changing business conditions. Such applications can be indispensable, especially for companies with a multi-faceted structure, as they allow all activities to be managed from one place. The more competitive and dynamically developing the industry, the less justified it is to use a so-called "ready-made" system.

Tailor-made systems are created from start to finish keeping in mind the individual requirements of the client, which entails the need for adequate preparation for such an undertaking. A useful method in this regard is certainly product workshops. You can read more about this in the article: Product workshops - what are they and why should they be conducted?

Advantages of dedicated solutions

  1. Full customization according to expectations and needs. Custom-designed software can be customized according to how different processes run in a given company, making it flexible and allowing for growth in later phases of use.
  2. Scalability. Tailor-made solutions can evolve with a company if its needs change. Modifying the source code, such as by adding new features, is not a major problem for the programmer, which is an extremely important advantage in such a dynamic world.
  3. The ability to integrate with currently owned software. Ordering a custom program does not entail abandoning your current one. On the contrary, dedicated applications can be set up to know how to "communicate" with other systems.
  4. Long-term return on investment. Custom-built software admittedly requires more money in the beginning, but it costs less overall, as it does not generate additional fees, such as licenses or subscriptions.
  5. Intangible value. In the case of proprietary systems, the company that commissioned the project becomes the owner of the intellectual property, so it has full control over all the code.
  6. Increased productivity and efficiency. By focusing on the most important functions, it is easier to create something that is intuitive. With proper customization, operation is simpler, and thus working on such software is much more efficient.
  7. Efficient maintenance. With off-the-shelf solutions, a company has to adjust to the manufacturer for every update, and it is often the case that a product is only supported for a limited time. Tailor-made systems, on the other hand, allow for the flexibility to upgrade as needed.
  8. Greater security. Popular commercial programs are much more likely to fall prey to hackers because they are more likely to contain vulnerabilities. Large corporations developing all-purpose digital products are unable to respond to all user reports regarding security.
  9. Technical support. Constant contact with developers and the systematic support they provide is a huge advantage over off-the-shelf applications. Comprehensive technical assistance is very important at the implementation stage.
  10. A chance to gain a competitive advantage (in the case of solutions aimed at consumers). Customization allows you to stand out in the market, especially in highly competitive industries. With custom software, you can offer consumers unique added value that others do not have, and thus gain an advantage in the market.

Despite the fact that mostly universal IT systems can be used in enterprises, they do not meet real needs in terms of streamlining work. What's more, they require a tedious configuration and customization process, which is usually very limited and time-consuming besides. Purchasing dedicated software involves higher costs, but it is an investment for the future, which opens up much greater opportunities for development.