OnlineIdea | How does a modern IT system affect the quality of ticket control and debt collection? An example of cooperation with CPW
How does a modern IT system affect the quality of ticket control and debt collection? An example of cooperation with CPW

Modern technological development is causing many companies to change their existing ways of operating in order to maintain the highest possible quality of service. CPW, which offers a ticket control and debt collection system for issued surcharges in public transport, bases its business on modern solutions to improve operational processes. One of them is the IT system we had a chance to create, which has been used by our client for years.

How does the IT system affect the work of CPW?

The CPW aggregator connects the most important components of ticket control: the ticket inspector, the city, the transportation company, the courts, the post office and the field debt collectors. With all these components coordinated in a single IT system, the debt collection is much easier.

Ticket inspectors are equipped with a smartphone with the CPW application. With its help, the ticket inspector counts the inspected passengers, takes photos of paper tickets, shares his location with his field supervisors and issues additional charges. When a ticket is issued, a notice to pay is immediately printed on a handheld thermal printer. Thanks to the fact that both parties sign the document on the smartphone screen, the CPW copy of the surcharge is stored electronically as there is no need to print it out. Should such a need arise in the future, a physical copy of the ticket can be printed at any time.

All operations related to the issuance of the surcharge are continuously visible in the system in a real time manner. The system is accessible via a standard browser and secured at the level of online banking. Other visible elements are statistics of the people inspected, all fines issued, the working time of the ticket inspectors along with their efficiency, as well as the location of the carried out inspections. When an additional charge is issued, the information is geolocated and this in turn enables us to provide the client with analytical information based on big data analysis.

What if a passenger traveling without a ticket doesn't want to pay the additional charge? The system makes it possible to electronically send notice to pay, generate electronic lawsuits for e-court proceedings [Electronic Writ of Payment] and add entries to the business information bureaus. The whole process is digitized and just a click away.

What are the characteristics of the Electronic Writ of Payment?

The procedure is a special mode of civil proceedings that enables the vindication of small and uncomplicated claims. In the case of CPW, it facilitates the debt collection from passengers traveling on public transportation without valid tickets. Using the EWP, claims are enforced without the need to appear at hearings and pleadings can be easily constructed. The integration of the CPW system with the EWP has significantly automated debt collection activities - the filing of a case with the court takes place automatically, as the system informs which debtors are eligible for transfer to the e-court. Once the debtor has been verified by an employee, it is possible to create a case and lawsuit documents with just one click. All of this allows an efficient enforcement of debt repayment. If you would like to learn more about the EWP, you’ll find a lot of insights in one of our previous articles: Improving the debt collection process through integration with the Electronic Writ of Payment Procedure [EPU]

How does OnlineIdea support CPW?

Our cooperation with CPW has entered its 10th year. During this time, we have implemented a comprehensive system for controlling and collecting debts, which forms the basis of the company's operations. Together we have developed a product vision in response to software requirements and managed to maintain an extremely high level of functionality throughout the years. In addition to this, the mobile application has significantly increased the efficiency of ticket inspectors and provided them with additional safety. We’ve managed to cocreate the IT system, maintain the software and provide ongoing technical support. All the data we store is properly secured against potential cyber threats.


So to sum this all up, we can say that modern IT solutions are crucial to digitize operations in modern companies. Thanks to the system and its integration with EPW, CPW's passenger control system is considered the most effective on the market. The improving of operational processes allows to significantly reduce the cost of pursuing charges, and debt collection is carried out without additional time-consuming activities. This has provided a real life advantage over its competitors and can fully fits the definition of a mission critical system.