OnlineIdea | Improving the debt collection process through integration with the Electronic Writ of Payment Procedure [EPU]
Improving the debt collection process through integration with the Electronic Writ of Payment Procedure [EPU]

The main service provided by CPW sp. z o.o. is ticket control in public transport vehicles and thus taking care of the carriers' financial liquidity. Whilst supporting CPW, we always look for innovative solutions that improve operational processes related to control and debt collection. One of these solutions is the use of the Electronic Writ of Payment Procedure, which has been used by our clients for years.

What is the Electronic Writ of Payment Procedure?

The EPU is a special mode of civil proceedings that enables the vindication of small and uncomplicated claims. It was introduced by an amendment to the Civil Procedure Code of 9 January 2009, which came into force on 1 January 2010. Using the EPU, claims are enforced without the need to appear at hearings - logging in to the e-court website is sufficient to file a claim. Cases asserted in the system concern monetary claims only. Due to the lack of evidentiary proceedings, it is necessary to clearly and comprehensively state the amount of the liability so that there is no doubt as to the obligation to pay. Therefore, the plaintiff does not have to attach evidence - it is sufficient to describe it accurately. Electronic Admonition Proceedings are characterized by speed and convenience. The use of electronic forms makes it easier to construct pleadings, and all court actions are recorded in the IT system.

How does the EPU improve the debt collection process?

Electronic Procedure by Writ of Payment is a considerable facilitation in the process of vindication of claims - they are undertaken in a simplified manner (e.g. an electronic signature is sufficient to sign documents). This is an excellent solution in particular for the claimant, which in this case is the company. It is not even necessary to leave the office to file a case with the court - thanks to the integration of the CPW system with the EPU, this is done automatically, and the claimant can conduct the case using this proven tool. This brings with it a streamlining of the processes with the possibility of filing thousands of cases a day. Another noteworthy feature is that there is no need to prepare the documents necessary for litigation - everything is done electronically. This eliminates the costs associated with the postage of documents, the purchase of new equipment (such as printers or photocopiers), and the use of paper and toners. In addition, it is a gigantic time-saver.

Gains for CPW and Communications after implementation of the EPU

Thanks to the integration with the Electronic Prescription Procedure, CPW has gained a streamlined process for filing lawsuits - the system tells it which debtors are eligible to be transferred to the EPU. Then, after verification by a member of staff, one click creates the cases and all documents related to the lawsuit. The company regularly receives verdicts for unpaid fines, allowing it to efficiently enforce the debt repayment.

The implementation of the EPU also has a positive effect on city transport. Proceeds from the payments allow the carriers to better look after infrastructure and improve vehicle conditions. In addition, the enforcement of debts increases public awareness. Passengers using public transport need to be aware of the consequences of driving without a ticket. In the event of non-payment on time, our company will take the matter to court, which may even lead to bailiff enforcement.


The use of Electronic Writ of Payment Procedure significantly improves the debt collection process. It is a modern solution that allows for easy and quick enforcement of debts. It is worth introducing such innovations in order to best take care of the interests of your company.