OnlineIdea | How important is it to have a structured multimedia database?
How important is it to have a structured multimedia database?

In order to improve the marketing of an institution, it is crucial for it to have the appropriate external communication. Very often the basis of such activities are various types of audiovisual materials. So the question arises - how to properly collect and then manage good quality photos and videos related to its activities? Supporting various types of institutions, we introduced an innovative solution that improves their image - PhotoPortal, which has been used by our clients for years.

What is PhotoPortal?

PhotoPortal is the answer to the needs of institutions looking for a way to acquire, store and share multimedia. It is a repository of all kinds of audiovisual materials, which are acquired through various methods - directly by institutions and photographers, and through competitions. The accumulated materials are located in one place, so cataloging them is very easy, while access to them is available to all those who are authorized to use the site. Multimedia stored in database can be easily shared with the media, agencies or subcontractors, as well as used for the needs of the institution as part of its marketing and media communication.

Key PhotoPortal functionalities:

  • Acquisition of audiovisual materials through competitions

Images can be added directly by institutions or selected from works submitted in competitions. The rules of such competitions are determined by the institution in question - most often they consist of submitting a photo in line with the theme of the competition. The best works are awarded, however all of the submitted works remain at the institution with the possibility of further use.

  • Database of Audiovisual Materials

All of the materials are stored in one place and scores of people can use the site at the same time. This greatly facilitates the distribution of photos and videos to different media outlets as well as to agencies or organizations that cooperate with the institution at hand. Such a solution provides a basis for the institution to always be presented through the prism of up-to-date photos.

  • Security of materials

All audiovisual materials are automatically watermarked which protects them from unauthorized use. Full size images can be downloaded only when an appropriate order is placed and it’s accepted by the administrator. Naturally, all of the materials are not stored on a single computer, but are located in the cloud, which guarantees their proper protection against loss.

  • Access to materials

PhotoPortal has numerous options to customize its settings to a particular client - the database can be private and hidden from non-logged-in users, which greatly facilitates control over the collected files and protects them from outside access. On the other hand, it's also possible to make only a portion of the gallery public to users who don't have an account on the site.

  • Cataloging of materials

The collected audiovisual materials can be freely cataloged - it is the Client who decides in which structure they will be collected. In turn, each album has its own settings for its viewing or the ability to download its content.

  • Tagging of materials

The ability to accurately tag materials makes it a lot easier to find. The functionality allows you to accurately determine the content of a photo and expand the metainformation about it. In addition, if some material should no longer be used - it’s easy to impose a block on its use and list a full list of users that have downloaded it.

  • Distribution of materials

The system administrator has full control over the ordered materials. This means that when a PhotoPortal user wants to place an order, he must first specify exactly where and how the files will be used. After receiving such information, the administrator can accept or reject the order (either partially or in full). The possibility to download multimedia only appears when the order is accepted by the administrator.

How do we implement PhotoPortal?

Compared to other IT systems, the implementation of PhotoPortal, is relatively simple. The key stages are graphical customization of the system and adjustment to the required material ordering processes. Training is also provided as necessary.

The benefits of implementing FotoPortal:

  • meets almost all of needs for managing audiovisual material,
  • facilitates access to materials for journalists, agencies and cooperating organizations - allows for better visibility of the institution in the media and public space through distribution of high-quality photos, videos or presentations,
  • provides secure access to materials from anywhere,
  • allows cataloging of photographs, audio and video files, graphics, text and presentations,
  • In the case of materials acquired through competitions, PhotoPortal can have a very high commercial value.

PhotoPortal has been successfully used by our clients for years - tens of thousands of orders for graphic materials have been placed so far. The use of the image and video bank has significantly improved the exchange of multimedia within individual institutions, as well as making them available to external entities. An example is the Marshal's Office of the Małopolska Region, whose PhotoPortal is used not only to present interesting images from the region, but also to build media communication on their basis.

Malopolska's PhotoPortal or how to promote the region with photos

A bank of photos from the region is a useful tool that makes it easier for marketers to prepare content for ATL communication (through mass media) and BTL communication (personalized content). The PhotoPortal is also often used by journalists, especially to illustrate media reports about the region.

The Malopolska PhotoPortal also has two additional categories: campaigns and graphics. In the campaigns tab, you can find any multimedia related to specific marketing activities - press releases, posters or advertising spots. On the other hand, in the graphics section, promotional materials, logo boards and the Corporate Identification System of the Małopolska brand are placed. This significantly streamlines work inside the institution - all multimedia is in one place.

Audiovisual materials are added by the office as soon as they are obtained through contracts with the creators. Importantly, all multimedia is available with just a few clicks.

Thanks to the system, the Marshal's Office has the opportunity to conveniently collect and distribute an extensive database of materials. Photos used as part of promotional activities can have a positive impact on tourism - showing the most interesting images of local attractions provides an opportunity to increase the interest of potential tourists. The system also makes it easy to catalog images, so finding the right photo from a region is a breeze.

The structured multimedia database will prove useful not only for local government, but also for other institutions that need a unified place to store audiovisual materials. PhotoPortal is a modern tool which streamlines work inside the institution and at the same time makes the collected photos and videos easily available to others. With options to customize the functionality of the system to suit your needs, it is possible to build a repository on your own terms.

The graphic below shows a view of the Malopolska FotoPortal's external gallery: