OnlineIdea | Let's get to know each other - the beginning of cooperation with the customer is the key to success
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Let's get to know each other - the beginning of cooperation with the customer is the key to success

The effect of the first impressions plays a huge role in the cognitive process. It is no different in the case of contact between the customer and the software supplier. The beginning of cooperation can realistically determine the success or failure of the planned project. Hence, almost every professional IT company has developed its own scheme of action, during this period.

Getting to know the needs, capabilities, behavior or even habits of the client is very important from the point of view of the whole project. Acquiring this knowledge at the initial stage allows you to better identify the expectations of the other party, and thus eliminate possible ambiguities, reduce possible problems and prepare for implementation accordingly.

What does cooperation with the client look like at OnlineIdea?

To understand why the beginning of cooperation is so important, it is worth putting yourself in the place of a potential customer. It is usually accompanied by uncertainty about how the whole project will turn out. However, this can be remedied by involving him more in the execution process. Moreover, if the client knows the exact plan of action, then the sense of risk on his side will decrease. We believe that effective communication and good relationships, based on mutual trust, are the key to success in this regard.

Collaboration on IT projects at OnlineIdea usually proceeds as follows:

  1. Onboarding. First, we analyze general information about the company for which we will be creating a product, we look at their internal procedures and the vision indicated by the Client.
  2. Meeting with the Client. We work out a common concept, using well-known tools such as mind mapping. We cocreate or adapt the product to the client or market and briefly describe its key functionalities.
  3. Internal work. Next, our team works on the exact characteristics of the product. Based on the collected data, we prepare the UX and mockups, and demonstrate a working layout of key user interface elements.
  4. Feedback session. At this stage, we return to the client with our implementation proposal. We present the proposed solution and present specific options. Together we discuss whether everything has been planned as agreed.
  5. Transfer of results. The client receives detailed documentation, including all the materials developed throughout the process: system specifications, mock-ups and budgeting for individual functionalities.

Depending on the specifics of the commissioned task, the framework of individual points may change. Especially when the project involves the creation of a completely new solution. Then, instead of a standard meeting, we suggest conducting a product workshop. You can read more about this method in the article: Product workshops - what do they look like and why are they crucial in IT projects? So, do you want to give us a shot?