OnlineIdea | Online Diagnosis - how to improve contact between doctors and patients?
Online Diagnosis - how to improve contact between doctors and patients?

The first contact with the patient is extremely important, as it defines the further steps that will be taken in the course of diagnosis and treatment. Communicating the necessary information over the phone can be problematic, so usually the patient has to go in person for an initial visit. Unfortunately, waiting times to see specialists are often very long and people who are struggling with severe pain may not have the strength to show up in person.

The Online Diagnosis form is an online tool that helps patients get help from specialists without visiting the doctor in person. The tool gathers background information and allows the patient to attach their latest test results. This allows the doctor to better understand the specific problem, and this allows for a much more in-depth analysis of the individual case than when contacted by phone. It will never substitute a personal consultation, but it helps those who live far away or have mobility issues to receive preliminary diagnostic information extremely easily and quickly. Filling out the form itself is simple and quick. In the case of elderly people who do not have access to the Internet, relatives can help them.

The form consists of five steps:

  • Determining pain. First, the patient marks on a graphic diagram the part of the body where he feels pain and its severity on a scale of 0 to 10.
  • Determination of health status. Next, we ask the patient to provide basic data, such as height, weight and age. At this stage, he can also enter information about chronic diseases and describe his general health.
  • Attach a current imaging study. The form allows the patient to add the results of an MRI, X-ray or CT scan directly from a CD (the test results should not be older than 6 months). The patient can also attach additional files, such as photos, scans and other medical documents, stored in digital form.
  • Submission of contact information and payment. In the final step, contact information is provided and the online payment occurs.

With the pre-qualification form, the process of diagnosing a specific case is significantly shortened. The patient usually receives an accurate diagnosis and recommendations for further treatment within 24 hours submitting the form. In contrast to the standard contact path, an on-site visit is only necessary when there is a need for invasive treatment or direct diagnosis of the patient.

It is also worth mentioning another feature that is very important for patients - the ability to create an account. If the user decides to stop filling out the form at some point, all the data will be saved and can be continued later on. This allows the user to quickly and seamlessly return to completion of the form at any time. Most often patients start filling out the form on a mobile device and have their test results on a CD or other external media.

The procedure of transferring medical information, as well as payment, is carried out in a completely secure manner. In the eyes of the patient it’s imperative that their medical information be safe. On the operational side, the system doesn’t require advanced IT skills - a short training session is enough.

The Online Diagnosis form allows, first of all, to expand the reach of the clinic or doctor by allowing to be reached from different places and also to give access to specialized treatment for those who are unable to make an appointment in person. The questionnaire itself can be modified according to the needs of a particular medical profession. Remote medical consultations are a forward-looking solution that both current and new patients are sure to appreciate.

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